Thursday, July 23, 2015

Garden to City Food Buying Solution

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Garden to City Food Buying Solution

We are a food buying solution for residents in cities and major towns in Kenya. We buy food items directly from farmers and deliver to consumers at a convenient central pick up point.

The links existing between the producer and consumer unforgivingly exploit the farmer on one hand through dehumanizing dues for their farm produce and threatens the consumers’ on the other hand with exaggerated food prices. By bypassing the not only exploitative value chain we enhance access to quality food at reasonable prices and support rural economies.

Our strategy entails bringing consumers together in urban areas for a better together food buying solution. The approach grants us the potential to purchase in bulk from suppliers at fair prices and transfer the advantage to consumers. Our prices are far much below the trending retail prices in the local retail markets.

Benefits Sample

You may be asking yourself whether you stand to benefit from this solution or not. Our answer is simple – The benefits are enormous. We sample some for you because we would love to have you enjoy your meals bila stress.

  • Your desire to buy food at substantially affordable prices is finally met
  • You will contribute to the improvement of livelihood of families of hardworking farmers who produce the food you eat
  • You will save a great deal of money off the grocery store prices

  • Defined traceability of the food you eat
  • You have access to high quality, fresh and healthy food
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