Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcome to Your Fatherland Barack OBama!

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TWS||Nick Waigwa

I have a friend from a neighboring country, not far away from where I was born, who is fond of terming as two pennies politics, opinions or views of other people out to challenge his. 

Interestingly this friend does so while standing on very cheap platform; very ignorant to the fact that opinion is always free and facts sacred. 

15 years ago my print journalism tutor, an Italian, drove into my head this fact… that opinion is indeed free and facts sacred, and as one of my close but distant friend this days, would always say, facts can only be facts.

It is now a fact and not a subject of speculation that President Barrack Obama of the United States of America will be in Nairobi, Kenya for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit between the 24th and 26th July 2015.

Most if not all who are aware of this fact, including the CNN journalists have had their time to comment about Obama’s visit to his fatherland, and a region they claim to be a hotbed of terror. Now, as you were all writing, I took time to read and listen. I even reacted to some views immediately. It is now my time to do my bit and your turn to give me your valued attention.

The Nickpoint Media LTD family – Nickpoint Media Trust, Nickpoint Travel &Leisure Network, Garden2City Food Buying Club and The Witness Star WELCOMES His Excellency BARACK OBAMA to the beautiful land of his papa.

I on my own behalf and that Nickpoint Media welcome OBAMA in style with two excerpts from a poetry book “A Writers’ Congress” a gift from my friends from your other home, State of Illinois. I accepted the book as part of my preparation for a very special visit to Chicago for a cultural exchange visits in May 2009.  I would recommend that you read this poetry book which puts together creativity of Chicago Poets ahead of Barrack Obama’s inauguration in 2008.

In the writers congress I read, 
“Spell Check does not recognize this name –yet. It tries with a red underline alert, to tell me that this is wrong, that my letters are misplaced, leading my complicated PC, with its perfect vocabulary, to believe that no such name exists.
The poet continues,

“Barack and Obama cause key stroke duals between my auto-correct and me. Not willing to give up, it plugs in Brick and Abeam, trying to hold to its King’s English. ….Every Letter in his name comes with purpose. Each key stroke is meant. I highlight the name, “add to dictionary.” I auto correct my spell check. It must be understood the he exists. That we exists.” Parneshia Jones

Need I say more that the country where Barack Obama’s father came from (KENYA) exists? Young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas in kenya also do exist? 

This is what the wealthiest guys landing in Nairobi for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit2015 should consider. Establishing an adopt an Innovation fund to stimulate and nature innovations that die with people due to lack of resources. 

The opportunity for the world to switch the young person’s mind-set from education for a well-paying job after school to the sweetness of the fruits of the entrepreneurship branch is now.

I should allow you yes you to get back to your other businesses in the spirit inspired by the global entrepreneurship summit. Of cause not before leaving you with the following stanzas from the Writers’ Congress.
 “I am astonished and filled with awe to witness our country elect the first president my son will remember, a man whose name, both African and Hebrew, means blessed” Julie Parson Nesbit 
“And it is what you will do with that aloneness of soul in body, that will connect you to everyone” Rachael Jamison Webster.

In the meantime Kenya's Interior Minister's word to the CNN...on their terming of Obama's fatherland a "hot bed of terror".... "if they are civilized enough they should apologize"  Rtd. Mjr. General Nkaiseri 

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