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TWS Nicholas Waigwa

Nairobi’s St. Marys School’s IB2 students on 15th May 2015, secured a place in the growing list of beneficiaries of the Transformed Me program.

The School Chaplain, Fr. Philip Akansighe said the need to help the IB 2 candidates focus their attention on the upcoming final examination and prepare for their post school life inspired him to organize the one-day academic retreat for the IB2 students.

Fr. Philip thanked Transformed Me team for the transforming event and lauded the students for their active participation during sessions. 

“I am short of words to conclude, I have always had a premonitional belief that this class is going to be the best. In your presentations you spoke philosophically and got to the fundamentals of life and this is going to be helpful in getting solutions to challenges you face in life” Fr. Philip

Andrew Koten’g spoke on behalf of participants and highlighted the need for frequent educational retreats.
Koten'g observed that the academic retreat was unique as he thanked the School’s Chaplaincy and administration for inviting the Transformed Me team.

He requested Fr. Philip and the School's administration to welcome back the Transformed Me facilitators to talk to the IB2 candidates again before the final examination which is scheduled to take place later in the year.

Observing that the joy of success is always indescribable, Mrs. Dorothy Osir a teacher at the school encouraged the IB 2 students to take advantage of what they learned during the retreat to prepare well for examination.
Dorothy Osir said it was impressive to listen to some students who disclosed that they had not been living as per their parents expectations commit to embrace behavior change.

Erick Chuma who facilitated the session on goal setting & careers advised the IB2 students to prioritize setting realistic goals and avoid getting into projects they are unable accomplish.
“Goal Setting is an important method to determine what we want to become in future. It helps us to identify what is important.” Chuma

The academic retreat's lead facilitator and counseling psychologist Catherine Kisasa implored the candidates to be cautious about Study distracters, pointing out inability by candidates to deal with distractions as a major cause of dismal performance in examinations.

“You have very few months remaining to your exams; this is the time to focus. Distractions will always be there but avoid them so that you have time to focus on your studies.” Kisasa

Transformed Me is a program by CATRA Educational & Counseling Services in partnership with NickPointMedia.

The program uses a unique integrated and experiential learning approach and has programs designed for various target groups including school going children, youths, young adults, young entrepreneurs, parents, teachers and corporate organizations.

Transformed Me has organized an experiential learning excursion for the 2014 form four leavers and university/college students on 1st June 2015.

The partnership between the two organizations has enabled Transformed Me to leverage on the power of media technology to produce transforming and informative audio content on parenting and other relevant topics.

Catherine Kisasa Says that audio content on; [Parenting Challenges in the 21st Century],  [How Teach your Child Decision Making Skills],  [Journeying with your adolescent child] and on [How to teach your child responsibility] is available on CDs and will soon be available online for download.

To get in touch with Transformed Me call Kisasa (0722799261)/Nicholas (0720594261)/Chuma (0722225479) or write to

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