Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Kenyan wins chance to train with Arsenal FC’s Soccer Schools.

Arsenal FC and its official online money transfer partner, WorldRemit have on 9-10- 2018 announced Hamisi Mohamed, one of the founders of Young Talents Soccer Academy, a mixed academy in Embul Bul, Ngong, the winner of their Future Stars youth coaching programme.

The win grants him a chance to train with coaches from Arsenal Soccer Schools in London where he will attend a customized training programme to support him build a legacy of positive social impact through football in Kenya.
Hamisi Mohamed locally known as Coach Kaka scored 35% of the public vote to defeat five other youth football coaches from across Africa.
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According to Mohamed, the Young Talents Soccer Academy, Embul Bul, Ngong aims to help children to succeed both on and off the pitch.
“We use the power of football to address social issues, to teach them life skills. We want them to learn to respect themselves, to know the effects of drug abuse, the effects of violence and crime,” says Hamisi.

Reflecting the shared values of the two companies, the Future Stars programme was set up by WorldRemit together with Arsenal to acknowledge and reward the valuable contribution of youth coaches to their local communities.
Arsenal Soccer Schools Simon McManus observes, “Arsenal itself is an example of how the social impact of football can grow from a small local community to an international programme. It is inspiring to us to see how coaches across Africa are using the power of football to support and educate children at the grassroots level and I think there is a lot we can also learn from them.”
Both WorldRemit and Arsenal are optimistic that the training will help Hamisi Mohamed to play a transformational role in Kenya and internationally.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Diplomats praise Ethiopia for peaceful transfer of political power

Top diplomats in the East African region have lauded the political leadership and the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia for the recent peaceful and democratic transfer of leadership from Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s to the new administration which is headed by His Excellency Dr. Abiy Ahmed Ali.

Important milestone in Ethiopia’s History

In their remarks during the celebration to mark the 27th edition of Ethiopian National Day on May 18 in Nairobi - Kenya, Ethiopia’s Ambassador to Kenya Dina Mufti Sid and Kenya’s Principal Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Kamau Macharia observed that the peaceful departure of Desalegn, and the inauguration of Prime Minister Ahmed Ali marked a very important milestone in Ethiopia’s recent history.
Dina Mufti attributed the peaceful transition to the complexity of the country’s bureaucracy adding, “…the systemic resilience of a 3000 years old, Ethiopian nationalism that is so deep in each and every one of us, the Almighty God who has always been there for us and the goodwill of the peoples of Ethiopia saved the day.”

He appealed for a favourable international environment and support from development partners to Ethiopia’s quest to become a middle-income economy by year 2025 noting that with the new leadership Ethiopia is now more dynamic, more stable and focused.

Democratic Principals entrenched in Ethiopia

Ambassador Macharia Kamau termed the peaceful transition “a landmark achievement” and wished the new Prime Minister Abiy Ahamed and his administration success in its endeavours to accelerate Ethiopia’s economic transformation, sustainable stability, peace and prosperity.

Kamau further told participants at the event that took place at Ethiopian Embassy grounds Nairobi that the peaceful and democratic transition of leadership in Ethiopia depicts how democratic principles and practice in Ethiopia has been entrenched under the EPRDF leadership.

“…this transition also marks a proud moment for our region and Africa, as it demonstrates that Ethiopia’s democracy has come of af age” He said.

Key figures present during the event included the Leader of Majority in Kenya’s National Assembly Aden Duale, Marsabit County Governor Mohamed Ali, and USA Ambassador to Kenya Robert Gordec among other representatives from foreign missions in Kenya.

Abiy Ahmed took office in April 2018 to become the Country’s 16th Prime Minister succeeding Hailemariam Desalegn who resigned in February after months of protests in the Oromia and Amhara regions.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Church Mourns Death of Catholic Priest Terrence Gogarty

By Nicholas Waigwa

Kenya’s Catholic Diocese of Ngong and the Archdiocese of Dublin in Ireland are mourning the demise in the early morning of 15th March 2018 of Fr. Terrence Gogarty, a Mill Hill Missionary from Donnybrook in the Archdiocese of Dublin. An obituary announcement numbered 06/2018 by the Mill Hill Missionary said the priest was in January 2018 hospitalized with pneumonia and flu, where he exhibited signs of improvement but his health deteriorated in March.

Terrence Gogarty who was born on 21st June 1936 did his secondary education in Freshford between 1949 and 1955, following which he went to Roosendaal in the Netherlands for philosophy studies in 1955 to 1957. He studied Theology in St. Joseph College, Mill Hill - London from 1957 to 1961. He took his perpetual oath on 5th May 1960, ordained priest on 9th July 1961 at Mill Hill by Cardinal Godfrey and appointed to Kenya to work among the Maasai people in the Catholic Diocese of Ngong where he spent an impressive 49 years of his entire missionary life.

According to the Mill Hill missionaries in Kenya and those that worked closely with him in Kenya, Fr. Gogarty learnt both the local Maa language and Kenya’s National Language Kiswahili   and in conformity with the nomadic lifestyle of the Maasai community chose to invest his energy in being with them, trekking from place to place for pasture for their cattle - very much in the Biblical style of the shepherd in the midst of his flock.

 “You spent your many gifts and energy on developing and appreciating their [Maasai] culture, language and spiritual life with the intention of helping them to recognize Christ already in their midst.” wrote the Mill Hill Missionary Superior General to Fr. Terry on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee.

Fr. Francis Ng’ang’a from Rombo Parish in the Catholic Diocese of Ngong, currently the priest in charge of Abosi Parish in a tribute to Fr. Terrence Gogarty describes the Mill Hill missionary priest a great servant who lived his ambition and conviction to the very end.

Always smiling and not interfering with anyone especially his parish priest, Fr. Gogarty regardless of age or race was compliant, available, and respectful. …Gogarty had the option to evangelize the diocese in the language of the native majority the Maasai which was met with stiff and silent resistance to date. Without much writing, he lived his ambition and conviction to the very end.”

Upon reaching retirement in 2010, Terry as he would be called by his colleagues was appointed to St. Joseph’s House Rathgar, Dublin where he took his retirement very graciously and enjoyed his own space in his room and would be seen from time to time walking to the local park wearing his signature Maasai beads. “His gentle manner, sense of humor, big smile and non-complaining ways endeared him to the staff at the Orwell House Nursing home where he received the care he need.” 

On Friday May 13th 2016 Fr. Gogarty is reported to have appeared in a front page photograph of one of the main papers in Ireland with the title “Chilled out: Enjoying the Dublin sun with ice cream cones” as he sat in the garden of Orwell House Nursing Home with his straw hat on together with two 95-year-old ladies enjoying an ice cream.

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The body of Fr. Terrence was received at St. Joseph’s House, Rathgar on Monday 19th March 2018 for prayers and repose. Funeral mass is scheduled for 20th March 2018 and burial on the same day at the Bohemabreena Cemetery.