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What you Should Know about Jikokoa

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The Jikokoa Magical Burn Stove  

Jikokoa is one product whose interesting reviews I have heard about for a little while now. I am informed that thousands have purchased the well thought out cooking solution. Its user friendliness and features are not only appreciated within households, but increasingly being recognized by environmentalists.

I had not paid more attention to Jikokoa and why thousands have purchased it and why many more are seeking to use it as a replacement for the traditional three stone open cooking and the previous editions of charcoal jiko options. You cannot believe it, that I was so behind regarding this brilliant innovation. I had not even discoveredthat there is an improved Jikokoa – the Jikokoa G3.
The magic behind Jikokoas

Recently, I took time to discover the magic behind Jikokoas. You should not only know people, but also know jikokokoa. It is a cooking solution that saves the families the trouble of smoky kitchens and wasted energy. It is a timely remedy for environmental degradation which is also well positioned to earn you a tangible income that you can comfortably use to sort your other pressing financial needs.

I know you are already asking how this is possible. I will be explaining shortly, but for you to get the bigger picture; please consider exercising some reality flexibility: We need not argue so much about anything here (as you may know people argue simply because they are in different realities). Just accept to see it through my lens or from my viewpoint. Sports Betting Insights

Jikokoa earns you money

Let me begin from where most of us if not all would want to hear most. How can you earn by using JIKOKOA? 

Let me first be very clear here that money SAVED is simply money EARNED. If you don’t know, kindly be informed that a coin that you secure from a successful bargain deal qualifies to join your income basket. You just earned it from your supplier.

It is documented that JIKOKOA can potentially save you more than KES 20000 or $ 200 per year or 25% of your annual budget.  What can you do with KES 20000 or $ 200? There is a lot that you can do with this amount. So much that, the list is endless.

For example my wife and I would comfortably use it for a quick holiday trip to a destination of our choice within Kenya. Some would use it to pay for the WorldVentures dream trips monthly subscription fee for a period of not less than four months.

I would personally not mind to use the same amount to start a chicken rearing venture, or even buy two goats for a Christmas bash, and still be left with a tangible balance for a drink or several. The choice would be yours after you have appointed to use JIKOKOA as a source of income. It saves you 50% of the charcoal you use on other cooking solutions.

Why not do a simple calculation after the article to find out how much you will save by the end of this year. I don’t mind a share of the 50% considering that it would have after all been consumed by fire.

The brains behind this product have their priorities right and all they are yearning for is to protect the forests, the environment and help people alleviate the burden of poverty and improve health. Jikokoa does not just come with a one-year warranty but an assurance for meeting these priorities.

Jikokoa conserves environment

A joint study conducted by the United Nations Program on Environment and Development (UNEP) and the Kenya Forest service in 2012, deforestation deprived Kenya’s economy of 5.8 billion shillings. This amount outstrips the amount injected into the country’s economy from the forestry and logging each year.

Through her unique ability to cut on the amount of charcoal to be used by half, JIKOKOA reduces deforestation. It contributes a reduction of the number of trees wasted through the traditional cooking solutions. It boosts the country’s environmental conservation, and economic growth.
In fact if I were an influential government opinion leader, I would have at the earliest opportunity possible lobbied for incentives such as tax waiver or any other applicable subsidy that is going stimulate an accelerated adoption of this innovative and environment friendly solution.

Jikokoa saves lives

Although some people would try to convince you to believe why it is better late than never, I chose to tell you that preventive measures are better than the (most of the time) too late efforts to cure incurable situations.

The number of people who will die of smoke related ailments in Sub-Saharan Africa is projected to surpass that of malaria and tuberculosis combined, if you and I fail to act immediately. Imagine nearly three billion people in the developing countries such as Kenya still cook with traditional cook stoves or open fires. These cooking methods will unfortunately kill over four million, including 600,000 people in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

Action time is NOW

We must do something now to stay safe, secure our health, save our money for other pressing needs, and conserve our common home’s environment. One of the best ways to do that which we must do is to start or continue doing something about it.  Why not play your part by using JIKOKOA to make that huge difference?

Jikokoa is one of the widely tested cooking solutions; the IN THING NOW; It is readily available and very affordable. In case you want to make a quick buy NOW, feel free to drop an email at You will receive an email with clear instructions about where to get your JIKOKOA and how to go about the simple buying process.

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