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Boost your Winning Chances with Double Chance Sports Bets

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Is Gor Mahia at her best form?
The first 2016 Mashemeji derby must have signaled a highly unpredictable Kenya’s 1st Sportpesa Premier League season. On March 5, league titleholders Gor Mahia FC humbly accepted a one nil defeat, courtesy of their friendly long-time rival, the AFC Leopards.

Gor Mahia’s thrashing at the Safaricom stadium in Nairobi is a strong indicator that the team is still in a celebratory mood after securing a lucrative Sportpesa sponsorship deal. Judging from the outcome of their most recent matches and as the season gains momentum, critical football analysts and ardent fans would agree with the observation that Gor Mahia FC is currently not at her best form.

Unpredictable 2016 season for Gor Mahia Fans

The fact that Gor Mahia is not at her best is most likely going to translate the 2016 season to a very unpredictable one for the Gor Mahia fans. It will be more complicated for those who have accepted sports betting as part of their contribution to the development of both local and international sports. Gor Mahia fans will have to think smart before placing a bet on their team or even including it in a multiple bet.

Gor Mahia fans should not allow their worries to sink their betting optimism, because there exist ways that they could invest in to increase their chances of placing successful bets. In a previous post, I suggested a double chance bet as a way of increasing one’s chances for a successful bet. I stand to be corrected, but I have no doubt in my mind that the few who considered my suggestion to place their bets for the AFC Vs Gor Mahia game had a good field day in the betting arena over the weekend. 

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A double chance bet which had anticipated a home or an away win for this game was much better. This theory is not in any way ignorant to the fact that AFC fans did not celebrate their win for placing a one way bet in favor of their team, and to the fact that you are entitled to your choices. 

Double Chance bets for rewarding wins

Although not always, double chance bets can be promising than one-way bets especially for teams that are somehow tricky to predict. A person who prays that his/her team wins as he/she hopes for the opposing team to emerge victorious makes more sense than one who dies hard with his/her expectation that the team he backs will always win. 

My previous post mentioned Elitebetkenya as one of the available betting companies in Kenya which have an option for placing double chance bets. There are other ways that you can consider to use for double chance bets. These options can easily sound suitable only for persons who hardly take hard-line positions, but never mind because there is nothing to lose in winning but a lot to lose in unsuccessful bets.

Double winning chances

I can only say that there are no major reasons why one should not try their luck in using two or several betting companies to increase their chances of winning. A person who cares about earning more from their bets and utilizing the opportunity presented by betting companies to make a profit must be able to see the advantage/s of including double chance bets in his or her betting strategy.

Unless advised otherwise by rules governing sports betting, this is how to go about it; I would suggest that open two accounts for your sports betting business. If say for example you have an account with Soprtpesa, consider opening an additional account or accounts with Elitebetkenya or sportsbet.

Sportsbet is international but it is verysimple to open an account with them as it is to open one with betting companies in your locality. Start placing your double chance bets once your extra account opened. I am sure with time you will notice the difference. Instead of going for one way bets some people as you will soon be doing, take advantage of the availability of the two accounts to place a double chance bet.

If Arsenal is playing at home against a visiting team in a match that is likely to go either way, one of the best strategies would be to use one account to place a bet in favour of the home team and the other account for the away team. It is advisable to go for teams whose odds are placed at above the sum of the amount you are investing for your bets in the two separate accounts.   

If in your bet for Arsenal you have placed a KES 100 ($1) in one of your accounts and KES 100 ($1) in the other account for the away team, ensure that your possible win is at least over KES 200 or $ 2.0. A win either way will secure the amount you had place for your bet. An amount above KES 200 or $ 2.0 is an earning for you. The desire for higher stakes in betting is tempting; do your calculations wisely before placing a bet to guard against avoidable losses. 

One more example; On 10/03/2016 Chelsea will host PSG in a UEFA Champions league match. Sportsbet has $2.70 possible win for a Chelsea win and $2.70 for a PSG win. A person who considers a double chance bet in this match will most likely be well placed to secure a win if the match ends up in a win for either of the team. Companies have different odds; use your diligence to settle for the best figure for you.

The frequent questions I have been receiving offline from friends who wish to open a dollar account with Sportsbet are; How to open an account with betting companies such as Sportsbet, and How to deposit money with the company. In my next post I will respond to these questions.

I wish you all the soberness and success in your sports betting. As the advice has always been, bet responsibly.

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