Saturday, March 5, 2016

Sports Betting Insights

How to Increase Your Winning Chances

Arsenal happens to be a leading England team with a huge following within the East African region. The team would ideally be competing for fans with teams like Chelsea and Manchester United but the two teams have been losing supporters recently due to dismal performance in the European Premier League.

Chelsea and Man U appear to be recovering towards the end of the 2015/16 EPL season as Arsenal’s hope for winning the title sinks. Arsenal started the season very well but has of late been registering a poor display. 

Their recent thrashing by Man U and Swansea confirms that something is very wrong with the team. The draw with Tottenham on 5th March further harmed Arsenal’s winning spirit. They have not only left their Manager, the French tactician, Wenger disillusioned but also the fans.

The pains of losing a match 

Supporters on one hand believe that they are the most affected when a team loses, but it is understood that the losing team also suffers. It even gets worse for supporters in countries where penetration of official sports gaming or betting is gaining currency. They are not only suffering the pain of losing the match but also the excruciating pain of losing money to unsuccessful bets.

Double chance bets better than one-way bets

With some teams that l chose not to mention here, it can only be advisable to go for a double bet instead of a one-way bet. Going for a single bet will most likely secure you more suffering than joy. It would also be risky to include such a team’s game in your multi-bet because they will narrow your chances of making a kill.

Before I share with you how you can invest in a double chance bet with a team like my favourite Arsenal and celebrate the victory of the opposing team, let me clarify that I have no issue with sports betting. I would easily go for a sports bet with a very relaxed mind from the comfort of my home than seek to follow a football match from a nightclub, guzzling beer worth of hundreds of shillings. The reasons are many but for now just get contented with the one I have highlighted.

How I invest in Double Chance Bets

Betting can be stressful, but stress is part of life.  Most importantly it sometimes triggers in us the search for ways out to reduce the degree of its impact. After losing several times with one-way bets, I made up my mind to go for double chance bets. I can bet that they to increase chances of winning.

My first approach was to open two accounts. With the two accounts we go for the same game but different teams.  If say Arsenal is playing Manchester United, I bet for the Home team (Arsenal) and my f bets for the away team (Man U). For this strategy to work you should consider going for teams that have both theirs odds placed above 2.0. You will increase your chances of making a profit and secure your stake amount (200/=) if the two of you had gone for 100 bob stake. This approach worked for us recently during the Arsenal MAN U game. We made 100 bob from the bet and secured our 200 bob for another bet.  

Wasn’t that a good day for a double chance bet?

The only challenge with this option is that your level of integrity must be high. You must work with a person who will not short change you. The person must also be ready to accept the loss when the match ends up in a draw as it ended up with the Tottenham – Arsenal match recently. In most cases a draw would be rare but not always so. Your agreement (written or not written) must be very clear on how you are to handle the outcome and the proceeds or losses therein.

Elitebetkenya’s Double Chance bet

There are other options that you can still invest in including one that I will be sharing with you in my next post. I have discovered that Elitebetkenya has double chance bet options. You can give it a shot. Guys who went for a Home win or draw double chance bet during the Tottenham/Arsenal match must have ended up with a smile in their pockets. Same for those who went for a draw or away win double chance bet. The option is however not for people who want to make big money because the stakes are a bit lower compared to those of the three-way bet.

Standby for my next post; I will be sharing with you another way to place a double chance bet. The strategy will secure you higher chances of securing a better win.  Good luck in all your future sports bets.      

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