Monday, May 11, 2015

Kenya Catholic Bishops Warn against Prevailing Insecurity and Unnatural Ideologies

TWS||Nicholas Waigwa

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) recently raised a red flag over the cycle of death in Kenya.

A press statement the Bishop’s conference released on 8th May 2015 at St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, Nairobi, where the bishops held a 5 day meeting to reflect on the state of the nation noted that Kenyans are getting worried and desperate.

The Government which swore to protect Kenyans, seems hopelessly incapable of offering permanent solutions to perennial insecurity” read the statement.

Speaking under the chairmanship of Rt. Rev. Philip Anyolo, the bishops said it is saddening that the unacceptable senseless killing of innocent citizens, including the deliberate targeting of Christians for execution continues amid many promises, threats and ultimatums from the government.

The bishops warned that conflict in the contry's North Rift region where more than 50 people were killed recently has worsened following the discovery of oil and other minerals.

“Hundreds if not thousands of lives have been lost in this perennial conflict that erroneously been called ‘cattle rustling’ but which as church leaders we call brutal madder” Bishops

The church leaders vowed to remain relentless in their call to the government to fulfill its constitutional mandate of protecting Kenyans as they called for strengthening of conflict resolution mechanisms including disarmament, economic empowerment and local peace initiatives.

Observing that a Government incapable of protecting its people loses legitimacy to govern, the clerics urged the government to deal decisively with local leaders and other 'untouchables' who continue arming and inciting communities against each other.

Meanwhile the Catholic Bishops admonished adoption of what they termed as self destructive ideologies and pronounced their rejection of any agenda aimed at fronting unnatural ideologies in Kenya.

This was in reaction to a recent ruling by the Kenya High Court allowing the registration of an Association of Gays and Lesbians.

They said the move by the court is a deliberate attempt by certain individuals and institutions to push dangerous agendas and ideologies which are not only un-Christian but unnatural and unafrican.

The bishops wondered what happened to the Attorney General’s assurance that the constitution would not legalize same sex unions as they reiterated the Catholic Church's position that such unions go against nature and teachings of the bible.

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