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Youth Advised against Letting Bad Behaviors Destroy their Path to a Meaningful Future

TWS||Nicholas Waigwa

The Transformed Me April 2015 event -first edition concluded on Friday evening at the Langata Botanical Gardens after two days of fun filled experiential learning which featured primary school pupils and high school students.
Erick Chuma (in red T-shirt) leads participants in
 the badobado performance at the Langata botanical gardens
 on Thursday afternoon
Facilitators used an integrated & experiential learning approach to help participants internalize the event’s key messages.
Presented during the event were sessions covering content on how to read smart, prepare adequately for exams, cope with peer pressure, demands of study life (exam stress, anxiety).
Concentration games, cooking and swimming exercises were also used during the event to help participants appreciate and respect sacrifices made by parents to secure a meaningful future for children.
These activities and exercises also sought to inculcate positive attitude and values on: general etiquette, grooming, roles, responsibility and relationships that give excellent foundation to a holistic life.
Social Skills: chef Simo with the youth
during a samosa cooking session
Catherine Kisasa of the Catra Educational Services & Consultants urged participants to make good use of what they acquired during the two day encounter.
"I would like to emphasize what your facilitator said, our parents provide for us because they would like to see us become responsible individuals and we have a responsibility to respect this sacrifice if we are to become wholesome individuals.” Kisasa
Likening the many sacrifices parents make to invest in the formation of their children to the ingredients participants had used earlier in the day for the preparation of Chapatis and Samosas, team building talent and teen’s trainer Erick Chuma advised participants against allowing bad behavior to destroy these ingredients of a safe path to a meaningful future.
Chuma noted that the consequence of letting bad behavior overtake the value of the ingredients responsible parents put together to prepare children for a successful future is always dire and irreversible.
The next Transformed Me event - an excursion for form four leavers batch of 2014, college and university students is scheduled for 1st June 2015. 

Catherine Kisasa of the Transformed Me program says the youth will (during the one day event on Madaraka Day) cover among other subjects: balancing academic & social life, Coping with demands of study & stress management.

The participants will also get input on how to prepare for life during & after college/university, work ethics, positive attitude, values at home, work place and society.

Experiential learning activities at the event whose venue is Ole Polos, Kajiado County, off Magadi road will include; cooking Ugali and how to slaughter and roast goat meat or Nyama Choma.

The world if you have noticed can be so cruel to those who are not sharpened for life. All this we are doing as part of our mission to provide them with tools that will enable them become responsible persons” Kisasa
Parents who registered their children for the transformed Me event expressed gratitude to the organizers for the event with some seeking to know whether there would be a similar event for their children before schools open for the second term in May.
One of the parents who sponsored four children from her family to the event said “I have to say thank you for the excellent and worthy job done”
Participants went for swimming in Royale Karen at the evergreen moor-land located in Karen South, opposite the Kenya School of Law. The facility provides health & fitness, fun & recreation among other services.

Transformed Me is an initiative of Catra Educational Services & Consultants and Nickpoint Media. The Transformed Me program has training & activities for the youth (in schools, colleges and universities), teachers and parents.

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