Friday, April 10, 2015

Liberian Girls in Lebanon Appeal for Government Intervention

TWS||Nicholas Waigwa

Liberian girls said to have been lured with promises of well paying domestic jobs to work as house helps in Lebanon, by some Lebanese merchants are now appealing to the Government of Liberia to rescue them from their employers whom they accuse of sexual harassment.

SURE-Liberia, a human rights organization based in Liberia quotes one of the girls who called a local radio station in Monrovia to share her story as having given an account of how she is sexually abused by her employer.

"I want the Liberian Government to come for us here in Lebanon and take us back to Liberia. We are here suffering. We have been kept indoors all day and at times, when the madam is not around, the Madam husband would come with pistol in his hand and ask me to undress myself. He will ask me to lie down the way he wants and sexually abuse me. This is too much and we want to go back to Liberia" Narrated one of the victims. Transformed Me Program Returns to Nairobi

Vandalark Patricks the National Director of SURE-Liberia yesterday urged the Government of Liberia to facilitate the return of Liberian girls who are still in Lebanon working under harsh conditions and reunite the ones already rescued with their families.

Patricks at the same time called for the protection of Liberian girls in Lebanon as he observed that the delay by Government in Liberia to allow the 10 girls who have returned to Liberia to go back to their families or even interact with the media is causing suspicion.

Founded in 2004, SURE-Liberia’s key activities include civic education programs in schools and communities as a means of sensitizing the youth and community members on their civic roles and responsibilities, provision of scholarships & financial aid to needy school going children and feeding programs for abandoned children.

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