Monday, July 27, 2015

“Proud to Be the First US President to visit Kenya” OBAMA

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President Barrack Obama on 26th July concluded a three-day official visit to Kenya, where he co-hosted the 6th Global Entrepreneurship Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in Nairobi, with Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Barrack Obama who was making his fourth visit to the sub-Saharan Africa and first to Kenya since his election as President in 2008, said It was wonderful to be back in Kenya as the first sitting President of the United States of America.

“I am proud to be the first US president to visit Kenya. My father came from these parts; I have family and relatives here and in my visits over the years, I have come to know the warmth and spirit of the Kenyan people.” Said Obama amid cheers.
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His visit to Nairobi was characterized by calls for transparency, respect for the rule of law, rights and fundamental freedoms, decisive fight against endemic corruption, and the creation of enabling environment for innovations and investments.

He told delegates as he opened the first Global Entrepreneurship Summit - the first in Sub-Saharan Africa, that he was keen to have the summit in Kenya because “Africa is emerging as one of the fastest growing regions in the world.” 

“In Africa people are being lifted out of poverty, incomes are up, the middle class is growing, and young people like you are harnessing technology, to change the way people are doing business in Africa”  added Obama

20 members of the US congress accompanied the President Barrack Obama.

He expressed confidence that Africa has the potential to become the future hub of global growth.

President Obama justified his government’s support for youth and women enterprises in Africa and underscored the importance of entrepreneurship in job creation, service delivery and as a spring of positive alternatives to the ideology of violence and division.

“Entrepreneurship brings down barriers between communities and cultures, and builds bridges that help us take on common challenges together.”  

He announced that the US government will release additional start-up capital for youth & women enterprises in Africa.

America, he said will also support establishment of three women Entrepreneurial centers in Zambia, Kenya and Mali., and at the same time pump $100 million for women initiatives across Africa.

Meanwhile, President Barrack Obama met members of his extended family in Kenya on Friday evening and later the following day held bilateral talks with the Government of Kenya.

Among agreements reached during the bilateral talks are; the possibility of direct flights from Kenya to America; increased validity of Visa to five years; additional support to Kenya in the fight against terrorism and corruption; and cooperation in Threat Reduction and Biological Engagement Programs.

President Barrack Obama addressed thousands of Kenyans at a Public rally on Sunday at the Safaricom Indoor Arena in Nairobi, met with Kenya’s opposition leaders and representatives of the civil society respectively, before jetting out for a two-day official visit to Ethiopia.

Welcome to Your Fatherland Barack OBama!

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