Saturday, May 7, 2016




The New Look Jikokoa

The new jikokoa G3 is the longest lasting jiko on the market. Its flange on the chamber (ya makaa) protects the top deck from heat, overfilled charcoal and boil over. The flange eliminates 25% of durability issues.

Mmmh The reverse slope on the deck carries boil over away from the charcoal chamber and the fire. Its wider, non-slip, stands have a potential to grip large sufurias. The chamber is two times thicker; lasts two times longer and eliminates 75% durability issues.

We can only blame ourselves for failing to conserve our health, our environment, and for failing to cut on unnecessary energy costs.  BUT why blame when we can do something now to stay safe, secure our health, save our money for other pressing needs, and conserve our common home environment?
One of the best ways to do what we must do and can do is to start, or continue doing something about it. Simply play our part by using JIKOKOA G3 to make that huge difference? 

Jikokoa is one of the widely tested cooking solutions; the IN THING NOW; It is readily available and very affordable. In case you want to make a quick buy NOW, feel free to drop an email at You will receive an email, with clear instructions about where to get your JIKOKOA and how to go about the simple buying process.       

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What you Should Know about Jikokoa

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