Monday, February 1, 2016

Hey ! Moneitize the Images you capture

Crestock Stock PhotosImages are believed to contain a huge potential for sending weightier messages than text. In other words they can speak louder. Millions if not billions across the world and perhaps you included, get to see or even capture images. As you read this article a person somewhere in the world is pressing a shutter button to record an image.

Digital revolution is taking the world by storm and has enhanced people’s ability to capture images. This digital reality has increased the need for pictures in the world. Pictures go beyond documentation. They evoke different feelings and reactions to their audiences.

People are building photo galleries or archives daily. Who does not need quality wall hangings, super images for the interior decors, for calendars, or as themes, wallpapers, screen savers in our Ipads, phones, laptops, computers you name it?

Discover the art of monetizing your pictures

The most interesting story about people and images is that most people have not discovered the art of monetizing the growing number of good images in their possession. I have found many people wondering what to do with the images that fill their digital space. By the way before you delete that image in your camera, phone, and computer, just take a minute to think about a possibility of earning a shilling, a dollar or two from it.

Most likely the images you have taken are sellable online and can become your next cash flow spring. There are many online platforms that provide photographers with the opportunity to sell your Images. A quick online search will lead you to as many as they are available. You only need due diligence to identify the best. I have interacted with a couple of them but I will recommend the one whose service I subscribed to recently; Crestock.

Crestock Stock Photos

Crestock is a visual content provider, offering quality royalty –free stock photos and vector illustrations. Founded in 2005, they are a growing player in micropayment royalty-free stock photography, helping clients with small budgets to find creative images for their projects with much ease.

The platform has a fast and very reliable modern image upload system. They offer a great opportunity for licencing your creative work, are proud of their wide global presence, with artistes and editors and clients in over 100 countries.

Action time

Why not start generating some income from your creative work today? Why not generate a reward for your photography skills? To some it might sound small or undoable, but I can bet is much better to take some profitable action rather than doing nothing at all. In fact it is by far much better and valuable to sell than just waste your time to record quality images which which end up in the recycle bin when you are pressed for space in your storage device. Time, and effort is money, get wise in the way you profit from these resources.

Opening a Crestock account

Opening a Crestock is free of charge and indeed very easy. Once your account is set, submit or buy images, save or build your collections. Crestock has an affiliate program. The program allows client to refer others and earn a substantial commission. I call this kind of affiliate programs digital word of mouth. It works. We reccomend many products to people without earning a penny. Why not plug in to this kind of a rewarding affiliate program? Get to know more about the Crestock affiliate program here.

I wish you fun and satisfaction as you make good use of your creative illustration and photography skills. Any question? Just ask and standby for the answers right here

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