Friday, February 5, 2016

Creating a Trend Setting Brand for your Wedding

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A wedding day has to be on point, very successful and memorable. The bride, groom and their planning team must get everything right all the way or end up making the wedding memorable for all the wrong reasons.

We all know that the wedding day is not meant for rehearsals and that the event has to unfold as planned. A good planning team that would advise accordingly on all aspects; including a super brand identity for the wedding is a necessity.

People package their weddings differently. After all they are entitled to how they do it, because it is their day! But how well can people make create trend-setting brand for a wedding and make the wedding day beautiful and memorable?

I would fairly argue that it all begins with the bride and the groom’s ability to decode or paint a picture of what they would want their wedding to look like. A spectacular image that their family and guests will capture on the wedding day and keep talking about thereafter.
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The ability by a planner to decode the bride and the groom's idea, translate it and make it a reality on the wedding day should not be overlooked.

Although not all people are gifted with the ability to brand a wedding successfully, creating a winning brand for a wedding can be an easy go for any person who takes it upon him/herself to understand the value of branding a wedding.

Nickpoint Media LTD appreciates the value of branding weddings. Nickpoint Media knows well that wedding branding connects a “couple’s love story to every element of their wedding through cohesive, purposeful design.” They supply branded bottled water for consumption during your wedding at a very pocket friendly fee.

The service is also open to requests for deliveries of bottled water with customized labels. The labels are tailored for all kinds of situations and for many different events, such as: product launches, fund drives, open days, religious events, corporate meetings, conferences, fun days, gala dinners etc.

A label would generally include your image (bride & groom), logo, slogan and contact details. It will however depend on the event and its particular requirements.

Connect your love story to every element of your wedding or quench your desire for a positive feeling around your brand and organization with a purposeful custom water label design that will depict your event or company as unique, inspiring, memorable and trend-setting.

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