Monday, October 5, 2015

Conflict a major hindrance to Africa’s prosperity

Torit: A call for PEACE! South Sudanese Artistes SILVER X (center) and Madonita (in M'hawk)

The African Artists Peace Initiative has called for unified and inclusive action to halt escalation of conflict in Africa.

The African Artists Peace Initiative (AAPI), whose programs include advocacy for inclusive participation of the creative industry in the discourse for greater peace around the world, has said Africa’s prosperity and place as an influential global player can only be secured through a peaceful environment within the continent.
They attribute Africa’s slow growth and inability to meet full potential over the past decades to recurring economic and social barriers attributed to conflict. To reverse this trend, AAPI has called for the implementation of the ambitious commitment made in 2014 by the Africa Union to end all wars in the continent by 2020 through a coordinated approach at national, regional and international levels. Full Story
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