Monday, October 5, 2015

Better your Money Matters with Effective Talent Management

With Wahome Ngari

Talent is a term used to define highly skilled workers but can also fit to describe what an individual is able to do effortlessly. It is usually a passion, hobby or a skill that many admire and praise the person about.
When utilizing a talent, a person is natural, carefree and at their best. Harnessing the talent and channeling it to the market can be a good avenue for wealth creation both at personal and enterprise level.

At the workplace talent refers to individuals possessing significant job experience in their functional areas and a strong knowledge of the industry they work in. In this context, talent management is a set of entrepreneurial human resources processes and practices ensuring the sustainable effectiveness of the most skilled workers within an enterprise. 6 ways to navigate the shilling volatility Prudently

Talent management is highly strategic in the business world. It aims at maintaining the firm's innovation and performances relying on the long term capacity of its human resources. An effective talent management is one of the highest valuable assets an enterprise can have. If talent management is performed professionally it can become an enterprise’s backbone for economic success.

At the business level talent management comprises three major pillars: talent acquisition, talent development and talent retention, not to mention that there are many more sub processes which are part of talent management such as talent identification, sourcing and assessment.

Talent management is fundamental for your enterprise 

Know-how, innovation and experience constitute the main advantages that an enterprise can have over their competitors. The most talented employees drive these advantages.

Therefore talent management should focus on the firm's talent: the most skilled and experienced individuals. Attracting, developing and retaining talent is fundamental to a company remaining ahead of its competition. 
A holistic approach to talent management should target on finding and attracting the best talent in the market with a superior talent acquisition tool kit: talent sourcing, employer branding, headhunting, talent pools, referrals etc.

I know you are making progress in your wealth creation journey and most importantly at this point towards harnessing talent and channeling it according to your advantage. You already are aware that talent management is fundamental for your enterprise. A common question that lingers at this point is “what are the processes to manage talent successfully?”

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Wahome Ngari – Principal Consultant/ CEO, Citadel Consulting Ltd
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