Tuesday, February 10, 2015


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The last UN session ahead of the translation of a draft 2015 climate agreement document in May, for negotiations from June is underway in Geneva, Switzerland where negotiators are expected to shape and sharpen the global agreement on climate change which is due to be signed in Paris, France this December.

Organizations campaigning against fossil fuel emission say there is still a window of opportunity to harness the growing momentum behind the call for a complete phase out of fossil fuel emission by strengthening the element of the text on phasing out of fuel emission by adding the phase in to 100% renewable energy.

Notable voices that have joined the nearly 90 countries and institutions such as World Bank who want the Paris agreement to have at its core the aim of phasing out of fossil fuel emission are Univlever chief Paul Polman and virgin boss sir Richard Branson.

A communication by the Climate Action Network – International (CAN) in reference to report by “ADP2015” notes that least developed countries want to be sure that the agreements will be structured fairly with adequate support to spread the burden of managing climate risks and to empower them to develop sustainably.

The support needs to include money and technological capacity to reduce emissions, build resilient communities, and to prepare for climate impacts that will leave lasting damages.

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