Monday, August 31, 2015

Time for South Sudan to end the litany of broken peace deals

TWS|| Nicholas Waigwa

It is always encouraging to receive good news from South Sudan. I have had an opportunity to travel to the 7 of the 10 states of South Sudan. It goes without saying that much needs to be done to build this young country in almost everything, save for conflict.

Majority are in abject poverty in most areas of the vast East African Nation. Ethnic violence is a talk of the day in most villages, with small arms making peace and direct foreign investments.

The Juba Titanic
Roads are in their worst conditions with a near zero inter states tarmac link roads. It is very disturbing to read that South Sudan's public debt has increased from zero in 2011 to over US$4 billion in 2015.

With President Salva Kiir having accepted to sign the long awaited peace deal, South Sudan and her people must now accept to give peace a chance or perish in underdevelopment.

It is only through peace that South Sudanese and those who stand in solidarity with them can secure a chance to recapture the lost dignity and pave way for sustainable development.

South Sudan has a chance to seize this opportunity to join the rest of the world in the post-2015 development agenda.

It is never too late. World leaders including the South Sudan President Kiir will in September 2015 adopt a new set of sustainable development goals ‪#‎SDGs in New York.

The goals will inform the global development agenda for the coming 15 years. This will by all means present an opportunity for the leadership of South Sudan to give their country and her people the real fruits of freedom and independence.

Prosperity is possible in South Sudan. South Sudan can change the scripts from a conflict ravaged nation to a super successful and fast developing country in the world.

Peace loving south Sudanese and their friends want tranquility and prosperity. From Tonj to Wulu, Ikotos to Kapweta, Magwi to Maridi, Wau to Juba and indeed all over South Sudan....peace and visible development is all they want to see.
South Sudan_River Nile's Juba Bridge

It is time for President Salva Kiir, his supporters and Dr. Riek Machar, his supporters to end the litany of broken peace deals. It is time for the prime principals in the South Sudan’s leadership cream to make the true dreams of the gallant Anyanya 1, Anyanya II, and the most recent war for freedom martyrs and veterans come truly true. It is squarely in their hands to define the destiny of the newest nation in the world.

Proponents of the violent path to power or political violence may have their way at some given instances. That notwithstanding the cost of violence will always be high and most of the time leads to more complicated violence. It has done so in South Sudan and time to take a different path is now or never.

Let the latest signatures appended on the latest peace deal by President Kiir and Machar bring all the good things to South Sudan.

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