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Insuring Your Child's Future Educational Needs

TWS||Nick Waigwa

You must have promised yourself at some point in life that you would never let your child or children go through the challenges you underwent as you were growing up. You have good dreams for your child and that your child has his or her dreams too. These dreams are real but their validity can only be validated by your hard work today and the choices you make towards making them a reality.
Recently,  my mentor told me that were it not for Lupita Nyong’o ‘s parents to have her go to schools that would make her dreams come true, she would not have probably earned her current global recognition.

As an alumni of the Nairobi based St. Marys School Msongari – well known for super performance both in academics and arts, Lupita Nyong’o is today living her dreams. You need not to be told that her parents are proud of her, and they are happy that their efforts are paying dividend. Most parents who plan for their children’s education enjoy the sweet fruits of their sacrifice.

For Lupita to have gone to St. Marys School and later overseas for further studies, her parents must have invested in a plan that facilitated both their dreams and their daughter’s come true.The last time I checked a dinner under the same roof with Lupita Nyong’o would cost you not less than KSH 10, 000 or $100. By the way it would cost you less than that a month for a couple of years to accumulate a fund for your child’s school fees needs.
St. Marys School Students at a Transformed Me workshop in May 2015

Costly Poor Planning 

A poor plan for your child’s school fees needs, is presumably the surest way to killing the dream you have for your child and that of your child as well. 

There are many ways to follow towards meeting your child’s educational needs, as there are plentiful of myths against the existing school fees funding strategies. The choice will always be yours. After all the child is yours. The path you chose today will determine how stress free or stressful the funding for your child’s education in future is going to be.

I can bet that most parents with children in high school and university today, are finding it difficult to raise funds to cater for their children’s school fees. Crossing the bridge when that time comes may work for a selected few. This unreliable notion has forced many parents to abandon the dreams they had for their children.

School Fees Plan

It is acknowledged in Holy Scriptures that most people die due to lack of knowledge. When knowledge is available, it is therefore those who opts to ignore it that risk death, and by the way, if you think education is expensive try ignorance.

Notwithstanding all the negatives that may have landed on your ears about the path to financing your child’s education and notwithstanding the bad experiences that you may have encountered previously with financial products, I shoulder the trouble to remind you or draw your attention to the School Fees Policy. The policy is one of the most convenient avenues to funding your child’s education stress free.

A child’s education and access to quality education is undeniably a top priority across the board. Quality education comes with costs and a funding plan such as the CIC Academia Policy helps a parent or guardian accumulate a fund for a child's future school fees needs.

The plan offers protection to a parent, protects a child’s future and shields the child’s dream from interruptions that may result from incapacitation or untimely death of a parent. Simply put, it gives both the parent and child a piece of mind.

Key Features

The CIC Academia Policy has a minimum policy term of 10 years and a maximum of 17 years. The premium term of a 10 year policy term is 7 years while that of a 17 year policy term is 14 years.

Let us say that your daughter or son is four years old, and you would like to accumulate a fund of about KSH 800, 000 ($8000) to pay secondary and college fees conveniently, the appropriate policy term I would advise you to take is 10/13.

You will receive your policy payouts on the 10th,11th 12th and 13th  year. Year 10th ,11th and 12thpayouts are paid at 15% of the Anticipated Benefit. On the final year, the policy payout is 60% of your Anticipated Benefit.

A school Fees Policy is Very Possible!

For most readers 10 to 17 years may sound incompressible. Truth be told in 10 years today, a four year child will be 14.


Readers in Kenya where I reside, can recall that in year 2002 (by the way it sounds like just the other day), former President Mwai Kibaki became the third President of the Republic. He did his two 5-year terms, and in came the fourth President, Uhuru Kenyatta in 2013. 

He has already done 3years of his first term. That is how years fly. Very soon your 2 year old child will joining high school and your 9 year old will be going to university. What are you doing about it today?

Once again, it is all about the choices you make today and if I may add the voices you have chosen to listen to. The meaning you place on everything that comes your way, also counts. Your mind-set and your perspective, are also very instrumental in determining whether the dreams you have for your child and that of your child will ever come true. 

The CIC Academia Policy for your child is no brainier for a loving and caring parent. A parent who is keen on ensuring that the dreams of his or her child are not shuttered or interrupted would seek to know more about this plan. A parent who appreciates that quality education is the best inheritance that a parent and guardian can bestow on their children,  would take this article seriously without much ado and take the necessary action.

For your information the Academia Policy is a tax free investment. Your final payout is not taxable. It grants you as a parent the access to a saving on taxable income. The government acknowledges the importance of this Academia policy and has given a relief of 15% of monthly premium. 

Premiums are constant throughout the the policy term, making it easy for you to plan your finances. I have no doubt that thus far you are seeing the bigger picture. I know that you are now serious than ever before about giving your child a better life experience. An experience that is not a replica of what you went through as you were growing up. .


If you are passionate about starting to accumulate funds for your child's future education needs, and are keen about staying focused on this goal and remaining committed to the achievement of this goal, it is time you sought clarifications about the academia Policy. Remember the value of a financial decision that you would have made yesterday or now, can never be equated to the one you intend to make past today.

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In my next post I will try to give you some highlights on how you can source money for this plan from your monthly budget....

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