Friday, June 26, 2015

POST- 2015 Outcome Document’s Zero Draft has ‘many gaps on things that matter’, GCAP

TWS||Nick Waigwa

The Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) has emphasized on the need to ensure that the ambition and commitments necessary to accomplish a transformative agenda for the next 15 years is well established to and central to the global development goals

In their reaction to the Zero Draft prepared by the co-facilitators of the post-2015 inter-intergovernmental negotiations, David Donoghue of Ireland and Kenya’s Permanent Representative to the UN Macharia Kamau, GCAP notes the draft, “has the best of intentions yet many gaps on things that matter.”

GCAP however through its Director of Programs, Ingo Ritz terms the document released on 2nd June 2015, as ‘well begun’, and welcomes its ‘call to action’ focus. 

They further say the document which contains 17 goals, and the means of implementation, follow-up, and review mechanisms at review levels, deserves credit at the outset as it resists to let its core ambition fall at the ‘altar of pragmatism and geopolitical intransience. 

The document attempts to address the longstanding critics of the of the expiring MDGs by foregrounding the proposed SGDs with a preamble, shared principals and a vision for transforming the world.

The 44 page Zero Draft document presents the proposed set of SDGs and attendant targets along with a theoretical underpinning to have a set of universal development goals aimed at leaving no one behind.

On 13-16 July 2015 world leaders will converge in Addisababa, Ethiopia for the Third International Conference on Financing for Development ahead of the September Global Summit to endorse the Post-2015 Development Goals.

The Financing for Development Conference is expected to focus on among other important issues, the reinvigorating and strengthening of the financing for development follow-up process.  
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