Monday, March 9, 2015

How to hide the “Last Seen” notification on WhatsApp’s

TWS||Nick Waigwa

Each time you use your WhatsApp people who have you in their contacts list get to know when you last used the application. 

The last time a friend asked why I always use the application very late at night I felt as if I have been exposing my privacy for invasion. Unfortunately a phone I was using then had its internet connection active as along as it was on and there was very little I could have done about it. Worse of it all, I did not know how to change the “last seen” privacy setting. 

I kept wondering whether there was a way to control who in my contacts gets to see the last time I used the App. Thank God the engineers behind application knew there would be uses like me who would not mind to have their movements on social communication Apps limited to a selected few. 
Recently, I discovered how to change the setting. In fact if you have me in your contact list am sure you are not able to tell when I last used the App. Others have even thanked me (ironically) for blocking them.  Relax… I just adjusted the settings to bar you from knowing when I last accessed the App.

The process is very simple; Open WhatsApp on your device > Go to the Settings Menu > Account then to >Privacy Settings. On the “Privacy” settings menu, select “Last Seen.” Under the “Last seen” drop down menu you will get the following options; everyone, my contacts, nobody. Select the option that is most suitable to you. 

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