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A film released on 10th February 2015 by Save the  Children Norway is hitting the airwaves with a resounding bang and is currently receiving a lot of attention in Norway and internationally.

The trending film is part of Save the Children Norway’s “Birth of an Invoice” campaign strategy aimed at rallying support for the inclusion of free health care for mothers and infants in the new development goals (SDGs)

World leaders are currently working on the post2015 development agenda (SDGs) expected to replace the outgoing Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) from September 2015.
The film presents to the world reactions of Norwegian midwifes when they are introduced to a “birthmeter” in the delivery room.

Click on this link to watch the film

According to Save the Children in Norway health care for women and infants in Norway is free of charge, but in the film the midwifes are made to believe that mothers would soon be asked to pay for giving birth in Norwegian hospitals.


Midwifes from the Hastad Hospital in Norway react with disbelief, frustration and tears when introduced to the Save the Children Norway’s “birthmeter” depicting a reality far from their own, but very real in other parts of the world.

 “BIRTH BILL is a bill nobody should pay, whenever in the world they live. In many countries, women must pay for vital health care when they give birth. Those who do not have money, give birth often at home without access to qualified help and risk thus lives and health of both themselves and their child. Others are held back as hostages in the hospital after birth because they can not pay.”  Save the Children Norway

The “birth of an Invoice” campaign under which the film is produced places a price tag on a new-born in a quest to open people’s eyes to the fact that the high costs of giving birth and out of pocket payment is costing the lives of mothers and infants in many parts of the world

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