Friday, January 23, 2015

Social Media Reach 55.8 Million during Action/2015 Launch

Nick Waigwa

Action 2015 campaign team has estimated the social media reach during the recent Action/2015 campaign launch at a record 55.8 million people across the world with number of tweets on #action2015 approximated at over 46000.

Photo Credit:Action2015 Ivory Coast
The team has thanked individuals and organizations who participated in the launch activities for making the launch of Action/2015 a huge success. 

“The breadth and depth of the launch activities is just amazing - there's just too much activity” Reads a newsletter by the Campaign Launch and Strategic Communications action/teams

The January 15th 2015 launch received wide media coverage globally with about 300 news articles (including radio &TV) published in over 35 countries.

The Action 2015 newsletter further reveals that the total number of Action/2015 participating organizations and countries is 1251 & 128 respectively adding that 64 countries participated during the launch and over 187 have since joined the Action/2015 campaign.

The region with the largest number of participants was Latin America while Africa had a ratio of countries with launch activities placed at 1 in 2.

Action 2015 team notes the launch was just a first step   as it calls on participating organizations to build on the momentum triggered by the launch with activities online, in the streets and fields and in conversations with local, national and global leaders throughout the year.

“YOU bring action/2015 to life!  Together, we will ensure that 2015 is a transformative year for people and planet.” Action team

Photo Credit:NickPoint Media Trust
The Action 2015 is a fast growing movement bringing together individuals and organizations around the world for a campaign called Action/2015. The campaign is calling on local and world leaders to take urgent action to halt man-made climate change eradicate poverty and address inequality.

A new calculation released by the action/2015 coalition shows that, even using relatively conservative scenarios,  the number of people living in extreme poverty – on less than $1.25 a day – could be reduced dramatically from over a billion to 360 million by 2030. 

The University of Denver, according to a recent press release by the Action2015 team, projects that  in the year 2030, about 4 % of the global population would live in extreme poverty, (compared to 17% today) if critical policy choices on inequality, poverty investment and climate change are made this year and implemented thereafter.  

The Action/2015 however warns that almost a billion extra people face a life of extreme poverty if leaders duck key decisions on poverty, inequality and climate change due to be taken at two crucial summits in New York and Paris later this year, with billions more continuing to face a life of hardship.

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