Monday, December 22, 2014

Introducing “Safe Bridge” Career Development Support Initiative

Christmas holidays come with a bundle of merry making and exiting experiences but in Kenya it is always different for those waiting for examination results. They must always balance the merry making with anxiety.
The education Ministry’s Chief is expected to announce the examination results just after Christmas. As soon after the results are announced the bridge to high school for the class eight grads becomes more visible. It is a very sensitive bridge and how they are facilitated to cross this bridge influences their behavior in high school and beyond. 

Adding value to the way our children are helped by their parents and guardians to transit to high school is the “safe bridge” Career Development Support Initiative; an initiative of the Abedare Resource and Study Center (ARSC) in partnership with NickPoint Media. It is founded on the understanding that a majority of young people experience difficulty in deciding what to study, dealing with examination outcomes, choosing and sticking to their career paths. They also face the challenge of transiting safely to successive levels of education and work life and general post school life.

This initiative is designed for class eight, form four leavers, college/university students and fresh graduates. It is aimed at providing the youth and young adults with a safe bridge to life stages including post school and work life. We believe that with appropriate career development support and progressive mentoring, young people will be empowered to make informed career choices towards a sustainable & successful post school and work life.

The safe bridge seeks to build and strengthen young people’s capacity for a successful transition to life after school. It will enhance your child’s understanding of the dynamic demands of life beyond school, build their confidence to make informed career choices and inculcate in them the skills for lifelong career growth and personal development.

Our road map for the 2015 safe bridge events and activities is on a clear paper and to set the ball rolling in January is our two days pre-high school seminar for the 2014 class eight graduates.

The seminar will prepare them for the life in high school. It will address their concerns ahead of joining a new schooling environment. We know as you know the choices and decisions one makes while in high school highly determines the kind of a person an individual is to become in future. 

We need not to be reminded of the fact that although our young people may not openly say it; they truly need our support to have life giving study life and meaningful post school life. 

There you have it; we are seriously taking our action in 2015 let your child walk safely to a meaningful life in future.

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