Saturday, November 15, 2014

Has Betty emerged as a 'starring' ….in the post Kanyari’s expose of the year 2014 episode?


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It has never occurred to me that a person can emerge as a winning star in a movie he or she never featured as a cast or even a production assistant.

The Jicho pevu’s expose on Pastor Kanyari’s ministries came as a 2014 thriller and has stirred many reactions including the simmering likely action by the Government to tame pastors and religious institutions which are perceived to be exercising freedom without responsibility. 

 As pirate stars continue to cash in on the demand for the Jicho Pevu’s Kanyari thriller and as the dust created by the investigative release continues to settle, Kanyari’s wife, a celebrated gospel artiste is strongly emerging as a starring in the now showing movie.

Betty Bayo has been featuring in National radio stations; in popular TV shows and has gone public on her social media platforms to distancing herself from all that was revealed by Jicho Pevu about the other side of her husband’s church ministries.

What is interesting about Betty Bayo’s post Kanyari’s expose appearances in the media is that she appears to have been well guided on how to respond to questions. Her answers have been crafty and she has managed to avoid the nagging question about the current status of affairs of her marriage. This has scored her a point if not points towards marketing her music product from the highest podiums in the Kenya’s broadcast arena.

She has not said it openly but a smart journalist’s sixth sense would be tempted to generate a quick follow up question based on a very possible assumption preempted by the nature of her answers to the question about her marriage. Those who have been keen on observing the way she has answered the question about her better half’s whereabouts and if they are still married, must have noticed the hesitance and pause ahead of the “for now am just praying for him” response.

Her consistent answer to journalists regarding her marriage appears to point to a possibility that the expose has placed their marriage on a rocky bed and could be, who knows, that the two could have been living in separate locations prior to the expose. The fact that she has not given a clear indication of communicating with the husband days after the expose save for praying for him, provides a fertile ground to a question on whether they retire to their matrimonial home after their respective day’s activities. 

Let me go back to the why I think that Betty has emerged as the “starring” in a movie she has principally distanced herself with. The Jicho Pevu’s release of her husband’s ministry expose came at the height of her new gospel song release and she has successfully managed to steal the show and media attention. She has used this blessing in disguise to freely if you like, to publicize her new song ‘starring.’ 

Her publicity advisers, if she has any, have successfully scored in guiding her to use the strength of the current crisis to defeat the threat it posed to her music career. She has received an undisputed special media focus.She has managed to take advantage of the rare opportunity created by the expose not only to secure her image as a role model to the “small girls” out there, to protect her position in the gospel music industry but also to grub part of the public spotlight that would have otherwise been directed at her husband.

The ‘starring’ song is receiving publicity here at the witness star already. It has received a headline airplay in leading national broadcasting media houses in Kenya and her most recent determination to use this publicity opportunity to sell her new song was during a K24’s TV show where she requested the show’s host to remind the viewers about her new song STARRING.. 

Mmmmh! Is she emerging as a…starring…in the post Kanyari’s expose of the year 2014 episode?
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