Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Echo of My Encounter with Matt Morris “The Unemployed Millionaire”


He is an Eight time best selling author********Double International Marketing Director********Author, the # 1 bestseller “The Unemployed Millionaire”*******and he is in Nairobi, Kenya on a business visit.

On Tuesday evening the 12th August 2014, I had a chance to interact with the “unemployed millionaire” and on Wednesday morning followed him on radio as he went live on air @ the Nation’s 96.3 FM, accompanied by Maggie Fobes and Evelyn Olang to demystify Network Marketing.

Although I felt that they needed enough time on air to respond to queries from an audience that am sure would have wanted to hear much about his success story, one does not have to worry much because the guy is very much present online and is making a very good use of the leverage of digital technology to help those in need of his mentorship, a mission I realized that he adores with a lot of passion.

During his Tuesday evening presentation to Worldventures|DreamTrips members at the well attended training event at the Anniversary Towers in Nairobi, Kenya, Matt proved his prowess in drawing lessons and learning talk-points from his life encounters. The most recent encounter was the dream trip to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. He used this experience to the highest point in Africa to cement the pillars for his presentation as he underscored the significance of an individual’s strong commitment to personal development.

On day one of their journey to the mountain top, they were swallowed by the thick rainforest covering part of the mountain, so much that they could not see their desired destination. This would easily discourage anyone but what kept them going was the strong faith and belief that they were going to get to the top.

Some times in life things get or appear very difficult at the beginning; that point when one feels stuck in a thick rainforest; so deep that it gets hard to see oneself reaching the destination; that point when you get started but unable to imagine yourself succeeding; Matt Morris words of advice to you… "invest in faith and believe that you can get there."

Defining who you are is very important according to Matt Morris. It is an instrumental key to success in life; he says that people becomes who they say they are, unless they prove otherwise. 

When Morris decided to reinvent, he told himself, “Matt you are the leader every other leader is looking for” He kept affirming it and today he is a celebrated personality who is not only a happy super businessman but a supper dad.

The 37 year old who according to a bio on  has generated “well over $50 million through either his own brands or through leading sales organizations for other Companies” over a period of 18 years, says that caring about what others think about you and relying on their opinions may never live to be helpful, “I tried to pay my bills with the opinions of others but that never worked”

The second and third day of the mountain climbing adventure, was full of climbing up and down. Any person whose objective is to reach the mountaintop would quickly be lost in wondering why have to be taken through the ups and downs  when the ultimate goal is to climb to the top? Well the lesson that Matt drew from that experience is; “You can not be going up all the time in life, ups and downs in life are part of the game” “life is part of the game and success is deciding to win.”  

He and his team experienced many challenges including sicknesses, but Quitting was not an option.  The will to win is what kept them going all the way up to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.  

Land of commoners Vs the land of victory

The conclusion to Matt Morris’ presentation was a killer! Men, his analogy of the back and forth journey from the land of commoners to the land of victory was not just motivational but conscience pricking. It was about how people decide to cross the bridge to the attractive land of victory only to return to the land of commoners.

He revealed to the attentive members why some people keep reverting to their comfort zones after embracing nice ideas which are capable of propelling them to victory. According to Matt, the temptation to go back to the comfort zones remain constant because people refuse to burn the bridge after crossing to the land of victory.

Matt Morris swept me off to the ground when he painted a picture of how people in the land of commoners have a way of welcoming back those who had previously made the decision to leave for the land of victory back to their previous comfort zones. “Average men have a way of justifying each others averageness, they are always playing the most common game in the world – Blame game” said the unemployed millionaire.

His parting shot to the participants? “BURN THE BRIDGE BEHIND YOU once you have crossed over to the land of victory.”

In a nut shell, we must always remember that to succeed in life we have to;

  • ·         Define ourselves

  • ·         Have faith and believe that we are going to get there

  • ·         Avoid plugging our cable to success in what others think about us and relying on their opinions

  • ·         Realize that y we can not be going up all the time. Ups and downs in life are part of the game” “life is part of the game and success is deciding to win.”

  • ·          Know that Quitting is not an option

  • ·         possess  the will to win

  • ·         accept that life is a game and success is deciding to win

  • ·         Resist going back to our comfort zones
Matt Morris is still in Nairobi. On Wednesday 13th August, evening 6PM he will make a Business Presentation at the Serena Hotel. Entry is free for non members, members will pay KSH 1000.

On Thursday morning, he will do a Breakfast Business Presentation at the Jacaranda Hotel starting from 7am. Participants will pay 1500. 

In the evening, Matt Morris will be on stage for another Business presentation at the Hilton Hotel, starting at 3PM. Entry is free for non members, members will pay KSH 1000.

See you there!

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