Friday, August 8, 2014


I have of late been sharing a business idea with some friends; first to get their immediate reactions and secondly to find out if they can buy the product on offer.

What I have discovered is that there are two very common responses. These are the responses that have kept me going for a couple of days now. Before I get to the two responses let me point out for you that if you may have not noticed; it goes without saying that in Kenya there is a general phobia for failure and fear of loosing the little at hand.

There are also many falsehoods about business opportunities and people who do not tell the truth about how to earn money. The link between the starting point and harvesting day is not shared, making many people to give up before the break even point. There is no magic in business and one can not invest today to get millions the following day.

Failure phobia keeps many wallowing in the status quo even when that status is dehumanizing and without a flicker of hope for improvement. Very few people can confess boldly that their present job will help them to meet their basic needs and build their development dreams.

The fear of loosing the little at hand is always in vain. The money eaters of this world can never spare the money in your pocket, wallet, or bank account. There are very limited options at hand, you either use it to chase the money in circulation or you loose it before it adds a penny to your cash reserve. Your chase for the money in circulation however has to be well informed.

Now to the responses I receive from the people I have shared with some business Ideas. My very first experience was an almost violent reaction from the women who beg outside the Standard chattered bank. The women were not happy when Waziri* a close friend and I suggested to them a clothes washing business idea. Their insults are hard to insert here but it could be that they are just victims of the failure phobia and fear of loosing whatever they have in their hands.

I am very sure if you have been able to read thus far, you have heard about Network Marketing or direct sales business ideas; The two main responses that I and others in the network marketing industry receive are; 1.have never done marketing before, how can I market a product? 2. How do I explain to my prospects that it is not a pyramid Scheme?

I will share with you how I have responded to the first response which is in form of a question then handle the next one in the following posts.

“How can I market a product and I have never marketed any product before?”

“I have never marketed a product before blah blah blah…I don’t think I can Market any product,” Carmon! This answer belongs to self defeatists. It belongs to self defeatists because each and every day we market products consciously or unconsciously. We refer people to go for certain products and make individuals behind those products smile all the way to the banks to make a kill.

A product is a good, service or idea. These are the things we market every day online or offline! What is interesting the marketer and that is YOU ends up getting nothing for their valuable effort. The person you drive to buy a product enjoys the value in that product and the one delivering the product earns some money.

Have you ever talked about where you go have your hair done? Where you go for a drink (hot/soft) where you buy groceries? Where you take your children for fun? Did you share with your friend about your previous holiday experience? We have all done that…. I am sure if not today you did that yesterday.

Now that you know how you have been marketing staff for many years through your word of mouth, my expectation is that the next time a human being approaches with a profitable marketing idea you are going to have a different answer.

There are many profitable marketing ideas online and offline. With my little experience and wide interaction with people already doing direct sales and reviews from both those who have failed or succeeded in Network Marketing businesses is the choice of product and what you put in it. 

Promises of quick cash are just false and the patience and effort that any other business would demand is what you need to break even in network marketing for profit making.

You may opt to believe me but I have come to realize that people who fail in a business they once tried can never speak positively about it, a person who was rejected by another would hardly say positive things about that person, a person who received poor services or bought a product that never met their expectations can never say good things about such a product. With all these factors held constant, life is interesting because people perceive value or utility differently; what you never like gets a darling from elsewhere etc….

In my next post, I will write my opinion about the second response “How do I explain to my prospects that it is not a pyramid Scheme?”

As you think about how much you could have made from the many times you have marketed products without making a penny, let me remind you that YOU are a potential Marketer and you can make an extra coin from marketing. I am not discouraging you from sharing with your networks about the good or bad experiences on the products you have interacted with, but just inviting you to start looking at things differently.

Do not forget that with Network Marketing the choice of product is very important if you are to make something out of your extra effort. Above all it is all about effort and there are no shortcuts to earning a decent living for yourself and significant people around you.

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